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Emigration after 1933

Hamburger Lateinamerika-Gesellschaft / Sociedad Latinoamericana de Hamburgo e.V.
Auswanderer-Hafen Hamburg 1939:
"Los barcos de la Esperanza" – Die Schiffe der Hoffnung

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Voyage of the Saint Louis

Margalit Bejarano, Fundación Memoria del Holocausto
La historia del buque Saint Louis:
La perspectiva cubana

Ruth Schlette in Aufbau, 11 December 2003
St. Louis - "Schiff der Erinnerung"

(Institutions and selected research subjects)

Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien
(IMIS) – Universität Osnabrück

The Association of European Migration Institutions

Essays by AEMI participants

Nicholas J. Evans: Indirect passage from Europe
(Transmigration via the UK, 1836-1914)

Essays by Prof. Antonius Holtmann
Forschungsstelle Deutsche Auswanderer in den USA, Oldenburg (DAUSA)
Pitfalls in Glazier/Filby: "Germans to America"
Including: "Germans to America” in Three Parts: Pitfalls without End" and
Fifteen Years of “Germans to America”: Truly Enough!
Passenger Lists and their Outcomes

Webpages by Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco
Which Ellis Island Search Form to use
White Form: Generic form for searching the Ellis Island Database in One Step
Blue Form: Searching the EllisIsland Database in One Step for Jewish Passengers
Gray Form: Short Form for Searching the Ellis Island Database in One Step
Missing Manifests: Direct Access to Ellis Island Manifests in One Step
Ship Pictures: Obtaining Pictures of Ellis Island Passenger Ships in One Step

Online version of the Morton Allen Directory
which is used to locate ship arrivals by port, date, by ship's name

Maps of German states in the Nineteenth century

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